merry christmas finn

This is Finn's baby quilt. It was made for him by G's aunt. You can probably tell by the look of it that Finn really loves this blanket. Calls it his cosy blankie and sleeps with it every night. But its days are numbered. Soon we will pack it away for memory's sake, but not just because it is falling apart. Truth be told, for some time now, the blanket has barely covered his growing body. Recognizing way back in 2010 that the poor child needed a new quilt, I thought, 'Hey, I can make a quilt', and, with no previous quilting experience, embarked on making this quilt for Finn. It was intended to be his Christmas present...Christmas 2010, that is. But my cocky, 'I can make anything' attitude got the better of me. Quilting really isn't as easy as it looks, and when Finn unwrapped a half-finished quilt that Christmas morning, I promised I would finish it before the new year rolled in. Never happened. The quilt was stashed away in the hopes it would magically finish itself. That never happened either. Last night, as I tucked Finn into bed, he complained that his feet were cold. Looking down to see what could be the cause of such cold feet, I could easily see that poor blanket was a good five inches too short. 'Suck it up and finish that quilt already!' I scolded myself. And I did! 
Today I finished it! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted.
No reason for those tootsies to be cold tonight! 
Merry Christmas Finn!

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