why i camp

"I don't love camping. I L-L-L-L-L-LOVE camping!" he said. And that's why I sleep on the ground, in a leaky tent, with sand in my sleeping bag and campfire smoke in my hair.


like digging for gold

Sinking my hands deep into the earth to pull out these beauties is so very rewarding.



When he asked me to shut the door so he could have a quiet day, I had a hard time saying no.


sunday in the kitchen

We are harvesting produce from our garden like crazy these days. We're pulling in bowlfuls of kale and cabbage and ground cherries and squash and peppers and tomatoes. Such rewarding work, especially when we stop to take a nice little snack break made entirely from our bounty - tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil. Topped onto slices of grilled French bread and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, this snack captures the essence of summer perfectly, if you ask me!


wave baby

It's such a fine line between letting them have the time of their lives and keeping them safe from harm.