Taking us places we never thought we'd go!

I asked G recently if there was anything he has done as a parent that he never ever thought he would see himself do. "Yeah," he quickly replied. "I never thought I would ever find myself standing in the outfield helping six-year-olds play baseball." We had a good giggle over this because my non-athletic husband has probably never used the word 'outfield' before in his life. He's never even played baseball and I'm pretty certain he had to stop and ask for directions to the outfield after he was asked to help out. I did play ball when I was a kid. It was what you did in the summer. My small town had very few options for extracurricular activities - and my parents were the coaches, so I really had little choice in the matter! So I know the game. But I have to admit, helping out with our sons' sports teams is something I also never ever thought I would one day find myself doing! So no one was more surprised than myself when I slowly raised my hand to the request for volunteers to help out behind the bench. And no one was more surprised than I by how much fun it has been getting these little rookies  suited up for their turn out on the field and lined up for their turn at bat. I read somewhere once that parenting is a journey, not a destination. I've been a parent for close to 10 years now (what?!?!) and I have loved every minute of watching my children grow and learn and take in all that this world has to offer. Like any good journey, there have been plenty of bumps along the way - lots of twists and turns and detours. But I am thankful for each and every one of those moments, for I am still growing too, and surprising myself, and taking myself down paths I dared not think about going.
Go team!

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