Sunday in the kitchen

So I'm another year older today. And none the wiser? Perhaps. I mean, I really haven't figured out this crazy life of mine yet - I've still lots of time for that! But here is what I do know for sure on this most beautiful of June days. 
That backyard karaoke parties really are the very best way to celebrate another year with friends and family.
That it really is o.k. to bake your own birthday cake, made from my very favourite vegan chocolate cake recipe found in Babycakes. Mmmm!
That it's not really worth crying over spilled cake, because there's always the second pan waiting safely in the oven. So my two-tier cake plans didn't work out - stop your sobbing and get creative!
Just take that lone slab of chocolate cake, top it with the very yummiest of vegan whipped cream, top with berries, and happy birthday to me!

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