In 2010 I will...

Learn how to properly use a digital camera
Enjoy more walks
Have more fun
Run a 5km by Thanksgiving
Keep my sewing supplies neat and organized
Try to cut back on eating so many potato chips
Get more quality sleep
Call my BFF more often
Drive across the country to visit my baby sister in I-don't-think-it's-even-on-a-map, Alberta
Learn how to develop a budget and stick to it
Figure out what I want to do with my life
Take belly dancing lessons
Breathe more deep yoga breaths
Stand taller
Write more letters
Fit into the clothes that mysteriously shrunk over the last year
Go on more dates with my husband
Enjoy more quality time with my kids
Accept that, with 3 boys in the house, my bathroom will never be spotless
Grow more of my own food
Cut back on the amount of time I waste on Facebook and other internet distractions
Play more Trivial Pursuit
Learn how to make really good pizza dough using rice flour
Paint my bedroom
Read more books
Read less celebrity gossip
Keep my nose out of other people's business
Be more patient
Feel more confident
Take more time to celebrate the simple blessings found in each day

A happy new year to you all!

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