Hittin' the road

Living in the snowbelt of Ontario can often feel like a three-month-long prison term. You never trust the weather enough to head out on the roads because you never know when the winds could blow in a storm that will ultimately close the roads that lead back home. Cabin fever sets in and just before you think you might be starting to go insane, a glimmer of hope peaks through the clouds - the sun! It reminds you that there is life out there and you somehow muster up the strength to pull yourself off the couch, pack up your bags and hit the road. We did just that this weekend as the weather forecast called for no snow and above-freezing temperatures. It had been weeks and weeks since we had even left the county and we were ecstatic to head out while the weather bordered on spring-like. It was all very last-minute and so much fun since we didn't tell the boys we were headed to T.O. for a show and a sleepover at a hotel - very rare and special treats! While Finn would have been content to stay in the hotel room to soak in as much cable T.V. as he could, we were quickly off for the best surprise ever (according to Nate) - an evening at Medieval Times. To say my boys love all things knights is a bit of an understatement, so they could hardly contain themselves when they realized where we were going. Great fun - and a great time to get away, get refreshed and steel ourselves up for whatever winter weather we have coming our way! That's Finn, above, riding the subway, and some of the action we cheered on, below. 

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Natural Mother said...

Sounds like so much fun!