early morning surprise

It took a few minutes for my sleepy brain to realize the distant whirring was coming from the kitchen downstairs. My eyes took more than a few moments to focus on the alarm clock that flashed 6:30 a.m. 'What?' I sleepily wondered. 'What is that?' 

"Someone is running the juicer," groaned George out loud, seemingly reading my mind and clearly not ready to be awoken from buzzing kitchen appliances so early in the morning. 

"Who the heck is juicing at this hour?" I grumbled, silently wondering if it was okay that one of our children was running a kitchen appliance without adult supervision. I rolled over and tried to rest my eyes for a few more minutes.

"Mommy! You can come downstairs now!" yelled Finn from the bottom of the stairs. "Really??" I whined a little under my breath, but he was so insistent and seemed pretty excited about something. I couldn't resist. I stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen where the kitchen table was set with a breakfast just for me! A little tear came to my eye when Finn showed me the oatmeal and cinnamon toast and freshly juiced apple and carrot he had so carefully prepared. Oh, and the card shown above that he made the night before sat next to my plate. 

"It's a mom breakfast," he beamed. I was speechless. This was so worth dragging my butt out of bed earlier than normal for. It was worth all the years of sleepless nights and of temper tantrums and teething and diapers and dirt and homework and losing oneself in all the messes of motherhood. This one single moment of love makes all of the day-to-day drudgery suddenly disappear from memory leaving me feeling nothing but the pure joy of being a mom to two incredible boys.

I was a bit too groggy to even think to take a picture of the amazing breakfast, but here is the other side of the card where Finn drew the breakfast he was planning on making.

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