Summer hats and haircuts

I haven't been doing much sewing this summer. It's just been too stinkin' hot out. Just the very thought of sitting down at the machine and plying through layers of fabric was enough to make me break out in a sweat. I'm not a fan of the heat, in case you were wondering...it tends to make me cranky and pretty darn lazy. I tend to do little more than whine when the humidex reaches +35C and it seems that has happened more often than not this summer. So the projects piled up...I'd already given up on getting everyone's summer pjs finished...who needs pjs in this heat anyway! But this morning I had had enough...my project pile was begging for my attention and I had been promising Nate all summer that I would make him this hat. I used a pair of old patchwork shorts that seemed to have mysteriously shrunk since I wore them last summer...they look much better as a hat anyway!
The hat has not left his head since I finished it this morning. It's gone out in the rain (sweet relief!!), ventured around the block, and has visited the workshop to tighten the screws on this made-by-his-hands toy. What's up with that ginger-haired moppet below, you ask?
Well, I'm not sure what to say that hasn't been said before. Thought we had kept all of the scissors out of reach...I never dreamed the finger nail scissors could be such a deadly weapon for hair. He says he was trying to make himself look cool. I was annoyed that I had just paid to get his hair cut professionally the week before. Looks like my next sewing project is a hat for wee Finn.


andria_croteau said...

Lol...leave it to Finn! He did this before didn't he??

zoetalors said...

Yes, not even a year before!!