Sunshine in the garden

My friends and I have a fun game we play when one of us travels to an exotic destination. The traveller must bring back a souvenir - but not just any tacky, tourist shop souvenir. A little creative thought must be used when souvenir hunting as said souvenir must cost the traveller nothing. While still being legal, I must add - no stealing, shoplifting, etc., etc. I was the first traveller charged with this task when G and I ran away to Montreal for a weekend. It added a fun new element to our travels - always searching in places we wouldn't otherwise see, like back alley construction garbage heaps where we stumbled upon this treasure that had been tossed aside:  
We weren't actually deliberately looking through garbage heaps for souvenirs - our admiration for a particulary building led us down the alley where this canvas was waiting for us to scoop it up and bring it home to Auntie Ness. Free, fun, and a story we will tell for the rest of our friendship!
Most recently, Auntie D travelled to Cuba. A sunny reminder of the delicious, poolside cocktails they enjoyed without me - but who's jealous?! While I originally had visions of adding them to my own cocktails this coming summer, my gardens were begging for a little Cuban sunshine! Out came the Sharpie and they now mark the rows of seeds we recently planted - keeping hope alive that the weather will actually get warm enough for them to grow!

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