Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

It was a dark and rainy November evening. The house was now pleasantly quiet with the boys tucked snuggly into their beds. Looking forward to catching up on the news of Prince William's engagement, and other such celebrity gossip, I had barely loaded up dlisted when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Was that the fridge door? I knew what those thieves were after - they were trying to steal my freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies! Batches of cookies have been disappearing without a trace lately and I was determined this night to put an end to this cookie-stealing crime spree! I could see the glow from the refrigerator light from the top of the stairs. I tip-toed down the stairs as quietly as I could. I peeked around the corner to get a better sense of what I was dealing with here! Hey, wait a minute - I recognize those socked feet peeking out from under the fridge door! Busted!
*this photo is a re-enactment of the crime
"But I didn't get a bedtime snack!" whined the ginger-haired cookie thief. My cookies never stood a chance of making it to next day's lunches with hungry bedtime tummies! "Oh alright! You can have ONE - but first you have to let me take your picture recreating the crime!"
All was quickly forgiven as the cookie thief and I sat down together to enjoy a still-warm chocolate chip cookie. But like all good cookie thieves, in blink of an eye he was quickly grabbing for more! I want to share the recipe with you, but it comes with a warning - may attract wee cookie thieves! The recipe can be found at beautythatmoves - super yum! I added a few extras - like 1 mashed up banana and 1/2C soy nut butter which made them even more nutritious and delicious for a bedtime snack!

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