Camping...I think I like it!

I've never been fond of camping. Don't get me wrong, I love being in the outdoors, but to actually commit to a weekend of sleeping in the woods has always caused me a little bit of anxiety. I don't like sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag that never seems to stay free of dirt and sand and creepy crawlies. I don't like the smell of campfire that embeds itself into everything. And what if it rains? And what if I have to pee in the middle of the night? And what about the mosquitos and skunks and bears? Oh my! So I always chose to vacation in the city with hotels and restaurants and climate-controlled rooms. Then my very bossy determined sister gave me no choice. "I've booked us two campsites in Benmiller for a weekend in July...you're going...it'll be so much fun!!!" You have no idea how much I hate to admit it, but she was right! I surprised myself with how relaxed I felt all weekend! Time seemed to be of no concern at all - we woke up when we wanted to wake up, we ate when we felt hungry, we enjoyed just sitting around the campsite indulging in trashy magazines and roasted marshmallows. Never mind the pure joy that was written all over the kids' faces - they were in their element building forts in the woods, swimming in the falls, and buzzing from the marshmallow-induced sugar highs. Seeing how happy camping made my kids made it all worthwhile to me - and I have promised that I would go again...next year, when the campfire smoke finally washes out of my hair I'll be ready for more!

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